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cross posted, please respond

What do you do, when you want to share and conquer pain, but yet, you do not know what that pain is, or what causes it, but for the fact that it is there, and it is from within yourself?
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i'm not in this community as of yet but i'll respond nonetheless

i don't share or conquer pain
we co-exist

i've help back from expressing my emotions for so long i no longer am able to connect them to events

instead of sleeping, i lay in bed with the disconnected emotions swirling around, trying to find reason to them, their cause, even waht exactly they are. sometimes i feel an emotion and i dont even know what it is. it jsut is.

sometimes it isn't evem my emotion, i comiserate to a ridiculous level, the emotion actually belongs to someone else.

so to respond to your post, it doesn't really apply to me
I agree with the justdonno...you can't conquer pain...you have to learn to live with it. As aweful as that sounds it's the truth. In time it may subside but it'll always be there...you just learn to live with it. You can share it tho...at least share how it feels to you. And when you want to do that you talk about it with someone and express your feels and all. If you don't know what's on your mind the explain the feeling...sometimes then the pieces start to fit together and you find a few hidden ones in the box. You'll get threw it...and if ya need to talk we're here...i think...this community seems a little quiet. But I'm sure they're here for ya when you need them...and if not...I AM! :D Take care hun and I hoped I helped some.

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wow, thank you very much for that :) and sure I'll add you!