et alia laughing and weeping (tristissima) wrote in brgovrtrubldwtr,
et alia laughing and weeping

Cross-posted like heck

Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I am an instructional aide at PACE (Pacific Autism Center for Education; I would very much like to atart working with my student towards him writing poetry. I have seen autism netverse and some of the work there is AMAZING! However, being new to the field, I am unsure how exactly to go about it. I have talked somewhat with my teacher, but wanted other points of view and resources as well. If anyone has any or can point me to some, I will love you forever and name my firstborn after you :-)

More specifically, while I despise cinquains and diamantes and things of that nature as being boring, anti-creative, and actually turning people off of poetry at a young age, I just now thought that an emulation of a poem (basically making a Mad Lib out of it) might be effective to start him down the path. What do ya'll think?
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