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No clue what I'm gonna write. I mean, there's lots to say but, oy. I think I'll put some stuff here, and some in my journal. Just not sure what yet. Here's a start... its 11:40am, and, I have an icky taste in my mouth, like I'm gonna puke *sigh* I hope I don't. Ummm, I've been up since 9:20 or so, which is early for me on a Sunday. Thought I was gonna go to church with the parentals but, decided I'm too sick to go, I know I'd regret going. My nose if stuffly (hehe), throat hurts, kinda like a strep-throat type feeling, and, I just feel like a pile of poo.

So, my dad woke me up this morning, asking if I'd frost the cake that he baked for the church coffee hour. He was like, 'You do it all perfect and pretty.' mmm hmmmm. If you say so dad. Well, that triggered me somehow. Perfection. I got up outta bed, and started frosting the cake. Welll, it got me thinking. What happens to a cake that's all perfect? It gets cut. So, it's only natural for a 'perfect' person to either get cut, or cut herself. *tummy hurts* Oy, I feel miserable.

But on a happier note, I think its been 3 nights. 3 long, horrible nights since I last... yea. It wasn't this hard last time so, maybe this time it'll be for good. God I hope so, I can't take much more of this.

I think that's all I'm gonna write here, the rest of what's on my mind shall go in my journal. Laaaata!
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