Jay (jayinpanic) wrote in brgovrtrubldwtr,

Hello there.

My name is Jay, I'm new to the whole live journal thing and I'm trying to explore these communities. A bit about myself, I'm 20 years old. I enjoy writing very much. I've been diagnosed with tons and tons of things by different docs. My life is pretty boring actually. I day dream a lot more than is normal. Even though I've gone through extreme cases of depression, suicide attempts, institutionalization, hallucinations, delusions and all that nice and wonderful stuff, I'm actually pretty happy with my life. Lately I've started to feel my life is actually a bit boring and I need to find new things to keep me entertained. I'm a complete social outcast and have a hard time finding people that I actually want to talk to. I've been called the nicest guy on earth and have also been called a completely demented asshole. That should give an idea of the extremes of my personality. I'm a bit off the charts but I like that. Anyway I will look forward to reading whatever is posted in this community.
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