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dunno how long this can be but...

I feel the need to, I dunno, get some shit off my chest. I had an awful day, as a result of an awful night. Shit, I hafta go already. Lets see if I can sum up what I'm feeling... lastnight, nightmares... couldn't sleep, couldn't go to school. As a result, mom's mad at me, was screaming at me all day :-( Made me feel like shit, tried to cut with a razor but couldn't for some reason. God I feel like shit. Wish I could write more, but can't, mom's makin me get off. Won't be on later cuz mom took my computer's keyboard from me, bitch. So I can't even talk to Bonnie later, damnit. I'm gonna be covered in blood tonight, I can sense it. I just wanna talk to someone!!! And mom took that away from me. :-(
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