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*cough cough*

Just got in from the dr.'s, yay. I had to fast from midnight til the appt, no big deal.. had two viles of blood drawn to test for god only knows what. Then we (mom and I) came home and had to drink this HORRIBLE stuff, it's 100% dextrose, aka sugar, to test for diabetes. I just loved how mom chugged hers like it was some kind of competition. Hers was a different flavor or something, and she kept saying, 'Oh, it's not that bad' but, if she had the one I had, she'd be speaking differently. It was so damn sweet, god, it BURNED going down. And what realllly suckz is that I can't eat/drink anything til we go back to have our blood tested. Only reason it sucks is because, a throat/cough drop is considered eating something I think. And my throat is SO sore. The actual Dr. wasn't there, which I was hoping she would be, just to take a look at my throat. It's been sore for almost a week now :-(

So far, I've been sticking to my promise or whatever I made with myself to not cut... I forget how many days its been, feels like years. I wanna say its been 6 days but, I'm not sure. I was gonna keep it in my AIM profile, I had the #3 in there one time (pretty sure it was Sat.) but then, someone asked me about it, so I deleted it. Grrruf. Wow, so, I thought I had a lot to say, but I don't. Oh well, off to update my journal.
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